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Alvaro Siviero in Porto Alegre, Salvador and Brasília

30 May Alvaro Siviero in Porto Alegre, Salvador and Brasília

Soon after the recital of the pianist Alvaro Siviero at the celebrations of the 120th anniversary of the Amazonas Theater, in Manaus, the audiences of the cities of Brasilia, Salvador and Porto Alegre received the pianist in recitals specially prepared by Hunter Douglas of Brazil so that Siviero could interact with the present audience, discussing the circumstances of the composers’ lives and the creation of the works performed. Chopin, Rachamninov, Liszt, Scriabin, Beethoven, Schubert, among others, came to life on the stage at the Universa (Brasilia), Jorge Amado (Salvador) and CIEE (Porto Alegre) concert halls.

After the presentations, the pianist surrendered himself to the one of the things he most esteems: being with the audience reinforcing and stimulating the need for a personal search of culture. The cultural values ​​of a person are always the consequence of a personal, non-transferable, true search. The culture of a people is what establishes parameters for the identification of what will be their popular music. In many countries, the concept of popular music is echoed in such great classics as Beethoven, Mozart, Villa-Lobos and Bach. In a relaxed, but no less intense way, Siviero was struggling to rescue the cultural values ​​of each one.