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In Berlin, Siviero meets the spalla of Berliner Symphoniker

28 Mar In Berlin, Siviero meets the spalla of Berliner Symphoniker

The stay of the pianist Alvaro Siviero in Berlin was greatly rewarding, not only by the grandeur and historical tradition of the German city, but for moments where he could meet two great musicians: the concertmaster of the Berliner Symphonier Le Ngoc Anh Kiet as well as the Dutch cellist Karel Bredenhorst, who will perform with Siviero in São Paulo in November 2015.

Siviero and Le Ngoc Anh Kiet had a distended dialogue on the current music panorama on activities of the Berliner Symphoniker and about challenges and possibilities that mix the professional life in the current globalized market. The friendly lunch at the headquarters of the Berlin Philharmonic included a tour on its many concert halls that, to the ignorance of some, is also the headquarters of the Berliner Symphoniker. After the tour, which included the famous main hall which is the stage of memorable concerts, Siviero met the cellist Karel Bredenhorst on Potsdamer Platz, in the centric region of Berlin, in a very friendly atmosphere, loaded with cappuccinos, pretzels and a lot of talk that lasted hours. The Eisbein mit Sauerkraut will be tried in the next stay!