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Siviero e Wiener Kammersymphonie interpretam Beethoven

30 May Siviero e Wiener Kammersymphonie interpretam Beethoven

In May 2017, the artistic partnership between the Wiener Kammersymphonie and the pianist Alvaro Siviero, which has started in 2016 with Mozart’s K.414 Piano Concerto, gained new contours after full of life performances of the Piano Concerto n.3 in C minor, Op .37 by Beethoven. The presentations took place in the cities of Valparaiso (Teatro Aula Magna USM – Chile), Campinas (Teatro Castro Mendes) and Ribeirão Preto (Theatro Pedro II), proving again the immediate musical symbiosis of the artists, not only in the musical terms, but also in human rapport which, sometimes, is one of the most important things. Chilean wines and Brazilian caipirinha were some of the ingredients that narrowed this human-musical union.

Beethoven’s Piano Concerto n.3, composed in 1800 and premiered in 1803 with the composer himself at the piano, is considered to be Beethoven’s first piano concerto with symphonic characteristics. On the day of its debut, the score was incomplete. Beethoven’s friend, Ignaz von Seyfried, who turned the pages of the score for him on the opening night, later wrote: “I have seen nothing but a few blank pages. At most, on one page or another, some Egyptian hieroglyphs totally incomprehensible to me , but he had written down to serve as reference points. He played most of the concert by heart because, as it happened, he did not have time to put it all down. ”

At the end of 2017, in November, Siviero and the WKS will be performing this masterpiece in cities of Mexico and Ecuador.