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Siviero performs Beethoven Piano Concerto n.3 in Vienna

30 Oct Siviero performs Beethoven Piano Concerto n.3 in Vienna

The cities of Lodz and Vienna were the scenarios chosen by Siviero for two performances on European lands. The first city mentioned above – Lodz – located near Warsaw, was especially important for Siviero because it was where the famous Polish pianist Arthur Rubinstein was born and grew up. The two-part recital received early solo piano works on the first part and, after intermission, then, where together with amazing Polish violist Tomasz Wabnic, performed Rachmaninov’s celebrated cello and piano Sonata in transcription for viola.

In the city of Vienna, Siviero stayed at the Brazilian Embassy and, needless to say, strolled through so many important areas of the city which breathes music. Siviero performed at the famous Eroica Saal – Palais Lobkowitz, where Beethoven premiered his Symphony No. 3, known as “Eroica” the Piano Concerto n.3 in C minor together with the renowned Wiener Kammersymphonie.