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Siviero performs in Cremona, land of the violin

27 Oct Siviero performs in Cremona, land of the violin

The pianist Alvaro Siviero was invited by the artistic direction of Cremona MondoMusica – one of the most important music fairs in the world – to perform, again, two recitals in the modern auditorium of the Museo do Violino and the Palazzo dell’Arte. The city of Cremona, located in northern Italy, is famous for its school of lutherian: it was in this city that the great luthiers and excellent musical instruments such as Stradivari and Guarneri de Gesù emerged.

Siviero had already participated in the 2016 edition of Cremona Fieri which, as usual, attracted thousands of participants who, by artistic and economic interests, flocked to this meeting point of world of music. Artists from all four continents mingled with the greats of the world music economy – celebrated musical instrument brands, sheet music, concert technicians, and so on – with the opportunity to continually interact with audiences.

Siviero performed one of his recitals (Palazzo dell’Arte) featuring the new orchestral version of the Petrof piano. During his leisure time, he visited the city where he had the opportunity to be in the house where Antonio Stradivari lived, as well as being present in several and famous violin stores.